The process to live life as a healthier you takes courage, strength, and tenacity.

Fitness with Anika will provide a safe and healthy emotional environment to help you accomplish your goals. Expect to be challenged, pushed, and inspired.

We will some some friendly reminders below our locations and hours to help you have a pleasant experience.


Location & Hours

First Presbyterian Church
7200 Delmar Boulevard
University City, MO 63130

Tuesday/ Thursday
5:00 am - 6:00 am

The studio is located on the 3rd floor fo the church. Park and enter on the back parking lot and enter at back door. Walk through the hall and proceed upstairs until you reach the 3rd floor.

Grand Basin, Forest Park

8:00 am - 9:00 am

We meet in front of the fountains. Connect to social media for location change due to inclement weather.

Friendly Reminders

Hygiene is paramount. It is best to shower before training, AVOID using scented anything before training. Avoid perfume, sprays, and scented lotion. Always come to train clean, fresh, and free of scents. Pay attention to your oral hygiene and care for yourself appropriately.

Do invest in fitness/athletic shirt, leggings, proper sports bra, and fitness shoes. Avoid fashionable shoes for training. Wear a good sports bra with proper coverage. Be sure your clothes cover your entire body especially your private parts. Be respectful of yourself and others.

The weekend is an excellent time to prepare for training. Wash and set out all clothes, accessories, and gear. Small things will slow you down at 4:30 in the am, so prepare accordingly. Take nothing for granted. Set out socks, sports bra, athletic top, leggings, athletic shoes, deodorant, head band, charge your Fitbit, set out keys. Prepare meals and clothes for work so your week goes smoother. Move your bed time up and get the proper amount of sleep.

Prepare to go through a paradigm shift. Think positive, think long term, think commitment, think lifestyle, think come rain, sleet, or shine that NOTHING will stand in your way. Investing in your health should be your number one commitment. Without your health you can do nothing. So invest in it and don’t take it for granted. Make no excuses, check your attitude, nothing will add value to you life like becoming a healthier you. This is your time for yourself. Place a high value on training; you need it like you need air to breathe. Either choose training now or choose a doctor later.

Travel Time
Know your route and leave in an appropriate amount of time. Be on time. Avoid being tardy. Place your car keys in a place that you can easily find them. Make no excuses when it comes to training and take it serious. Arrive 5 minutes early. That will give you time to go to the restroom, hydrate, and chat with friends.

Be committed. Becoming healthier is a lifetime job. It is something you work on daily. It is a lifestyle and process. Nothing happens over night; it takes time and requires a daily investment of eating healthy and living a healthy life. Joining a training program will add value, accountability, and take you to a whole new level. You still need it to live an active life and remember to workout on non boot camp days. Take a walk everyday in the morning or evening.

Focus on eating vegetables and drinking lots and lots of water. Focus on eating green vegetables with every meal. Keep healthy snacks and water with you at all times.

A Fitbit will change your life and empower you. Fitbit will allow you to measure your success, track progress, and hold you accountable. It is by far the best fitness invention ever. It is intended to help maintain your focus and guide you through the process of living a healthy life.

Avoid chewing gum as it is a safety hazard; the gum could become lodged in your esophagus and create a major problem. Use common sense and put safety first 100% of the time. Focus on form and practicing safe movements and exercises. Also please refrain from chatting with your friends as it disrupts training and creates distractions for others.